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      1. Welcome to Huzhou Hyundai Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd.!

        ADD: No.88, Jing Yi Road, Wuxing Street, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province

        Zip Code: 313000

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        JuLiBao E58S narrow width high speed label weaving machinde

        Product Overview

        "E58S" narrow width high speed label weaving loom, that is our company combines with italian famous loom manufacture enterprise, use many latest technology achievements of the global, such as automati

        1. Advantages of speed, to realize 560-600 rpm normal working speed.

        2. Beating-up fast, to realize the demand of high quality lebel easily, reach colorful cubic effect and compact weaving.

        3. The whole machine reach electric automatic control, condermn all the clutch, don't need to adjust and replace the cluth, also eliminate the fault hidden dangers, make the loom operate well and fast.

        4. The loom speed can be automatic controlled, according to different weft, adjust the speed automatically.

        5. Fuse the loom and lebel control system circuit, make the operater control the whole machine easily.

        6. Depend on Italian technology, the electric control system has complete functions, simple, efficient, high standards control and low failure funning.

        7. Using "pulse width modulation" Thermal cutting system, there are low power, low heat, low fault characteristics and high precision current control, the precison can reach to hundredth.

        8. The thermal cutting system can automatically adapt the condition of machine station, no matter speed change or manual coiling, the thermal cutter will adjust the temperature automatically.

        9. Using direct drive motor control the whole machine, both high speed and low speed can be controlled by the main motor.

        10. The whole machine will turn to dormant state when the machine station stop running, and that will save power.

        11. Mechanied weft cutter insures cutting weft in an optimal instant, independent on types and materials of the weft.

        [ Main technical parameters ]

        Loom: Panter narrow width high speed loom
        Speed: 560-600rpm
        Reed width: 1450mm/1600mm
        Weft detecting: Doubler weft detection, import 8-12 holes weft detector
        Weft tension: Double-twist electronic weft storage device adjustment
        Weft colors: 8-12 colors selector from jacquard
        Weft cutter: Electronic weft catten
        Weft searching system: Electronic automatic shed detecting
        Weft searching system: Electronic stepless adjustment
        Main motor: Direct drive motor
        Repeats: 6/7 repeats for taffeta(1 repeat-200mm)
                 (self-select according to customer)
                 12/14 repeats for stain(1 repeat-100mm)
                 (self-select according to customer)
        Jacquard:STAUBLI DX high speed self-test jaquard
        System: JC6 Electronic control system
        Thermal cutting: TCS I thermal cutting system(TCS II as althernative choice) automatically keep constant temperature
        Stereotype: Full width temple, specially-made heating plate, excellent setting effect
        Power: 8KW(approx)
        Size: 4300mm(L)×1800mm(W)×3800mm(H)
        Notice: Workshop height required ≥4000mm
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